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Career Exploration & Assessments

How do you know what career will be a good fit for you?  What would you be good at (skills)?  What would you like to do (interests)?  What would make you satisfied to go to work everyday and provide you with the lifestyle you want (values)?

Here are some resources to help you explore career options!  Follow the steps below, don’t rush, and take a minute to reflect along the way.  You might discover something NEW you didn’t know before, or confirm that a career area you already thought about does match your skills, interests & values.

MCIS - Minnesota Career Information System is a great place to start, and keep track of your assessments and personal interests.

Log into MCIS through the ISD 728 Rapid Identity page.  If it doesn’t show up in your bookmarks, use the search feature to add it for easy access.



Want to explore even more?  Here are some other career exploration websites:

 In addition, you might look for information about careers from:

  • YouTube - Search career titles to find a video about a career.
  • Podcasts - Find a podcast interviewing someone about their job.
  • Personal Interview - Do you know an adult who does a job you’re interested in?  Sit down with them or call them on the phone to ask them about their career.


As you review your assessment results and explore careers, ask yourself or talk to a friend or adult about the following questions:

  • Pros/cons of occupation?
  • Why is it interesting to you?
  • Training or education required to do this job & average salary?
  • How can you prepare for this career in high school?
  • Other occupations related to this career?