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Information for the Class of 2024

Graduation Requirements

ISD 728 Graduation Requirements - Policy #6010

District #728 Credit and Course Requirements (Graduation year 2018 to 2027)

Starting with the Class of 2028, Personal Finance will also be a Graduation Requirement. 

8 credits English
  7 credits Social Studies
  6 credits Mathematics
  6 credits Science
  2 credits Arts
  1 credit Health
  1 credit Physical Education
12 credits

Elective Credits (these credits may be chosen from any courses offered)


Students are offered the opportunity, but are not required to, participate in a National College Entrance exam during the school day. 

  The Minnesota Department of Education also has specific credit requirements for math and science:

  • Math:  Complete an Algebra I credit by the end of 8th grade, take 2 Geometry credits and earn 2 Algebra II credits.
  • Science: Earn 2 Biology credits and earn 2 Chemistry OR 2 Physics credits