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Brag Sheet

STUDENT PROCESS for Requesting a

If you need a recommendation letter from a staff member, please use the following process. (The college application will tell you if you need a recommendation as many colleges do not require one.)

  • Make a copy of the Brag Sheet worksheet and fill it out completely.
  • Ask a staff member 3-4 weeks in advance if he/she will write for you a Letter of Recommendation.  Provide the teacher/counselor with a:
    • Copy of your Brag Sheet, and
    • Instructions about where to submit their letter of recommendation.  Most colleges use a digital process requiring staff email.
  • Teachers/Counselors will NOT share their letters directly with students.  Recommendation letters are confidential.
  • It is the student's responsibility to check that the staff member was able to correctly submit the recommendation.  Teachers can reach out to Ms. Handrick for assistance.