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Senior isd728 org Accounts


ISD 728 School District provides you with an Google Apps for Education account while enrolled as a student. This account works very much like a regular Google Gmail account but is owned and managed by the school district.  Over the course of your time here you will end up with a collection of emails, contacts, calendars, documents, etc that you may wish to take with you when you leave ISD728 School District.

Since ISD 728’s Google Apps for Education is limited to enrolled students, user accounts are turned off a short time after students leave. This is done to meet licensing, security and support requirements.  Google takeout into a free gmail account is the way to go once you graduate, but you have a limited time frame to get your stuff before it is gone.

Graduating students and students leaving the ISD 728 School District will have limited access to their accounts up until August 1st, at which point all those accounts will be removed from the school system. Any student wanting to export their content must do so before this date.

If you do not wish to take any of this content with you, you don’t need to do anything. Your content will be automatically deleted after the due date.

If you want to take some or all of your content with you, click HERE for instructions on how to move your school Docs to a personal Gmail account.