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ACT Test Information

All current Juniors (Class of 2025) will be taking the ACT for FREE on Tuesday, April 9, 2024.  Students are automatically registered for the test by the school district.  There is no writing section on this test. 

The ACT is:

  • A college entrance exam typically taken by Juniors in the spring.
  • Required by many four-year colleges.
  • A timed, standardized exam covering the areas of: English, Reading, Math, Science.

 ACT Test Time

 Total test time: 2 hours, 55 minutes


 English (45 minutes)

  • 75 multiple-choice questions

  • Tests grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and rhetorical skills

 Math (60 minutes)

  • 60 multiple-choice questions

  • Algebra I and II, geometry, and some trigonometry 

 Reading (35 minutes)

  • 40 multiple-choice questions

  • Four reading passages

 Science (35 minutes)

  • 40 multiple-choice questions

  • Science based passages with graphs, charts, tables and research summaries

 Max Score


 Average Score


 Resources & Practice Test

 ACT Study Guide

 MCIS (My Portfolio → Test Prep → College Entrance/GED/ASVAB → ACT) 

If you plan to take the ACT outside of RHS please proceed to register online through the ACT Website: and use the information below to register:

  • Offered in various locations on:
    • Sept 9, 2023
    • Oct 28, 2023
    • Dec 9, 2023
    • Feb 10, 2024
    • Apr 13, 2024
    • June 8, 2024
    • July 13, 2024
  • Rogers High School Code: 242110
  • ACT No Writing: $68.00
  • ACT Plus Writing: $93.00 
  • See ACT website for registration deadlines

Prepare for the ACT

An ACT practice test will:

  • help prepare student for the official ACT test
  • pinpoint weaknesses and strengths on the ACT

MCIS Test Prep - Self Paced & Free

All RHS students can access FREE ACT practice tests and study materials through their MCIS account, which they can access via Rapid Identify. Student must be logged into the "Enterprise" version of MCIS.  Go to My PortfolioTest PrepCollege Entrance/GED/ASVABACT

Electronic Library for Minnesota - FREE

Minnesota residents have access to a huge collection of research and information databases, including test preparation tutorials and free practice tests.  To access the ACT test prep resources, including a guided ACT Prep Program, Practice Tests, Flashcards and eBooks, go to → All Databases → Content Type → Test Preparation → LearningExpress Library → Prepare for College → Get Ready for the ACT Test

ACT Website

The ACT website offers free practice tests, study guides, and courses.  Download the Preparing for the ACT Test Booklet for a practice test, information about the multiple-choice and writing sections, and test taking strategies.