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4 Pillars of Rogers High School

Rogers High School opened its door in 2003-2004 committed to honoring 4 Pillars for staff and students:

  • Developing Relationships

  • Seeking Diversity

  • Pursuing Excellence   

  • Building Futures

As educators, parents and community members, we have a responsibility to help children and youth feel safe and secure and learn how to engage with others of differing viewpoints in a civil manner in pursuit of their dreams.

Schools play a critical role in this process by creating a positive learning environment for all students when building relationships and pursuing excellence. It is imperative that educators facilitate respectful discussions among students and safeguard the well-being of all as college and career preparation take place. 

Below are just a few recommendations, modified from the National Association for School Psychologists, on how all adults can support children and youth. 

Reinforce a sense of positive school community. Establishing positive relationships between adults and students is foundational to safe, successful learning environments. Such relationships are built on a sense of mutual trust and respect.

Model and teach desired behaviors. We know that adult actions and attitudes influence children. Discuss career and college choices you underwent and how it impacted where you are today. Remind students that the pursuit of excellence does not mean perfection and making mistakes and being adaptable are important to success. 

Encourage children to channel their views and feelings into positive action. We are all part of the American community and can make positive contributions. Like adults, children and youth are empowered by the ability to do the right thing and help others. Working with classmates or members of the community who come from different backgrounds not only enables children to feel that they are making a positive contribution, it also reinforces their sense of commonality with diverse people. 

We encourage all students to get to know teachers and peers as well as get involved with a sport, activity or club. Please visit the website to sign up. 

In honoring our four pillars, we want it to be a great day for ALL to be a ROYAL!